Cellprofiler data storage requirements



I am new to Cellprofiler, and infact I come from a totally computational perspective. So I don’t think I am very familiar with some of the biological/medical contexts in which this software can be applied. I will be more specific: for instance I am working on profiling the “detecting tumors in mouse cells” pipeline, and trying to see where it spends most of it’s time. However, I do not see the biological significance of this result. Why is this pipeline important ? Where exactly can this pipeline be deployed ? How many images need to be processed for this kind of result ? How big can this data get in terms of storage requirements? I think these are very novice questions for biologists, but it will be very helpful if someone can answer them.



I would suggest you to read two papers:
Lamprecht, et al BioTechniques 2007
Carpenter, et al Genome Biology 2006

These, and many other papers, can be accessed at the Papers page at cellprofiler.org

They will give you an overview of the kinds of questions biologists are asking that involve imaging, and the kinds of measurements that need to be made in order to answer those questions. In short, biologists have traditionally counted and measured objects in images and are only recently starting to use automated analysis to be more quantitative and less time-consuming!

Let us know if you have more specific questions,