CellProfiler - cell ID in track objects

Hi all,

I’m new to CellProfiler and am hoping to use this software for segmentation and tracking of individual cells within a timelapse. I’ve been using “identify primary objects” and “track objects” to track changes in morphology and dynamics of cells over time. From this I output the “object relationships” but find this difficult to follow with the cell IDs changing frame-by-frame as the number of cells in a frame changes. I wondered is there a table that I could output where a cell’s ID stays the same throughout a timelapse, and only changes due to mitosis where 2 new cell IDs are given and their lineage reported? If so, how do I do this?

Thank you in advance,

To restrict analysis to cells which are tracked throughout, you might want to enable “Filter objects by lifetime” in the TrackObjects module.

When looking at the output sheets, you should be able to follow a cell between frames by looking at the TrackObjects_Label column. Tracked objects will have the same tracking label in each frame.