Cellprofiler blog is a security threat?

Trying to access the CellProfiler blog, but OpenDNS is telling me its malware…

Hi @neuromusic,

The blog was recently migrated over to a new site. Could I ask if you’re still getting this error?

Ah, I see. https://carpenterlab.broadinstitute.org/blog is fine, but the URL above (blog.cellprofiler.org) is what’s throwing the error.

When I access on my personal phone instead of my work computer, I’m redirected properly.

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Thanks, we’ve just changed the security certificate settings. Would you be able to try again in a couple of hours?


For what it’s worth: I also use OpenDNS on “medium” filter level, and blog.cellprofiler.org now opens correctly for me. (But I didn’t test it before your change, @DStirling.)

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