CellProfiler area measurement export of related objects into one table


I was wondering if it possible to export area measurements of related objects into one spreadsheet in CellProfiler.
I am measuring the area of the nucleus and the nucleolus of each cell and relating them, but after exporting the measurements I end up with two separate files containing the area measurement values for each, which then I have to match manually. Is there a way to export these values in the related objects file?

Hello Anna,
Do you relate nucleolus to the nucleus before measurement?
Could you upload your pipeline and a couple of sample images?

Hello Nasim,

Yes, I measure after relating the objects.

Here is my pipeline and some example images:
Test_analysis_with LMNA_20200409_KO2.cpproj (1.7 MB)
Archive.zip (4.8 MB)

This ultimately isn’t possible, because since the number of nuclei and nucleoli aren’t guaranteed to be the same, you can’t have just one line that includes all your nuclei and nucleoli data since there may be 0-many nucleoli, so some information would be ultimately be missing.

What you CAN do is add the per-parent means of the child (in your case, nucleoli) measurements to the parent (in your case, nuclei) sheet- so you’ll get each nucleus’s Mean_Nucleoli_AreaShape_Area , for example. All you need to do is to 1) put your measurements before your relate and 2) make sure this box is checked.

Thank you very much. It saved me a lot of time matching up these numbers manually and potentially introducing errors while doing so.
I wonder if other measurement options could be available this way as well, such as sum of child measurement values.