CellProfiler and Quicktime 7.1.5



Hi there,

yesterday I installed Cellprofiler on my Mac (G4, OS 10.3.9, Quicktime 7.1.5), but each time when I tried to start up the program it aborted and returned the message

‘Eror locating symbol - dlcompat: Symbol “_JVTDecoOpen” not found’ .

By sifting through the net I encountered a page where this error message was discussed: some programs apparently do not run properly after updating from Quicktime 7.1.3 to 7.1.5.

There is however a way to go back to this previous version of Quicktime, which is described in this link: discussions.apple.com/thread.jsp … 42#4217942
It worked for me and Cellpropfiler is now runnning.




Thanks for posting the problem AND the resolution. Much appreciated.