CellProfiler and CellProfiler Analyst links to previous versions not valid

https://cellprofiler.org/cellprofiler/previous-releases Page not found

https://cellprofileranalyst.org/cellprofiler-analyst/previously-released-versions-cellprofiler-analyst Page not found

Sorry, our website is being upgraded this week, we’ve reported this to the team. Thanks for letting us know and we’ll hopefully be up and running again soon!

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A note from our team:

[…]In the meantime, there’s a workaround. The links are currently redirecting with an extra word. So, for instance: https://cellprofiler.org/cellprofiler/previous-releases if you remove the extra /cellprofiler it goes where it’s supposed to. Previous Releases | CellProfiler . They said they’re still working on getting everything resolved, but it should hopefully be by EOD. In the meantime, that workaround should hopefully work for most things.