CellProfiler Analyst released



The Broad Institute Imaging Platform is pleased to announce the public release of its open-source data exploration software, CellProfiler Analyst (formerly known as CellVisualizer). Papers describing the software are in process (1 submitted, 1 in preparation).

CellProfiler Analyst software allows interactive exploration and analysis of multidimensional data, particularly data from high-throughput, image-based experiments, and particularly data produced by CellProfiler image analysis software. It also contains a supervised machine learning system that can be trained to recognize complicated and subtle phenotypes, enabling automatic scoring of millions of cells.

You are welcome to visit cellprofiler.org to download the software.


Anne E. Carpenter, Ph.D.
Director, Imaging Platform
Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT


Please note that, while the “Classify” function of CellProfiler Analyst has been released, it is not yet fully functional or documented. We hope to release a more complete version of this function within a month.