CellProfiler Analyst Example Data FIX



It has just come to my attention that the example dataset provided from the CPA download and the examples page does not work with CPA 2.0. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

The proper dataset has now been linked in the appropriate places and tested to work on CPA 2.0 “out of the box”. The 203MB zip file can be downloaded directly from here, and includes CSV data, images, and a properly configured properties file.

Happy CellProfiling!

Problems exporting demo examples to CellProfiler Analyst


I am new to the CellProfilerCommunity. I started working with the tutorial for the Analyzer, but cannot be forwarded to the example dataset linked to in the cpa2_manual on page 4.

Where can I find it?




The current link is here- I got that from the current version of the manual, so it’s possible you may be working from an old version. Apologies!

Install window #cellprofiler: failure


but it seems I am doing something wrong, since I get a Cell profiler Analyst Error. Any tips?


Can you let us know what the error is? Thanks!


The cellprofiler Analyst App says: Cellprofiler Analyst Error. And leaves the Option of terminating or Open The terminal , but I am unable to figure Out any more


Can you post what’s sent to the terminal? Without knowing specifically the error there’s really no way for us to help you troubleshoot it, sorry!


I un-installed all jdk versions and cellprofiler Analysts and re-installed both and now it works:-)