CellProfiler Analyst Error Message - need help!



I am trying to score an image with CPA and the soft can predict unclassified cells after training. However, when I ask to score or classify an entire image I get the error message attached. Any suggestion? Am I doing something wrong?
So far I have not encountered problems is running CPA. Thanks a lot for the help.



That’s an old bug in the stable release for classifiers other than the FastGentleBoosting classifier; we haven’t had a new stable in a while (something we’re hoping to fix soon!), but you can try to either classify with FGB in the meantime or install from source.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Thanks a lot. I will give a try with the FGB.
Meanwhile, I analyzed the same data on a MAC and used the nightly version of the CPA and the random forest works. The only thing weird is that when fetching images the actual images do not display, i see only a grey square. But if I open the image by double-clicking it opens the full image correctly.
All the best and waiting for new developments on this such great software.