CellProfiler 4 seems to have introduced an error in FilterObjects

Hi, A pipeline (link) that worked in CP v3 is not working in CP v4. Specifically, FilterObjects now generates an error message when filtering objects based on Texture Measurements. More specifically, in the FilterObjects interface, in the Scale dropdown, scales are listed (e.g. 5_00, 5_01, …), but selection of any of the listed scales causes an error message stating that the scale is not measured. The same error message is shown regardless of the type of texture measurement selected (Contrast, Entropy, …).

Screen shot of error message in FilterObjects step:

Screen shot of MeasureTexture step preceding FilterObjects step:

Link to project.

In other words, in FilterObjects you are given a choice of measurements to filter with, based on the previous MeasureTexture step, but when you choose any of the presented measurements to filter with, CP tells you it did not make that measurement. This didn’t happen in VP v3; it presented measurements to filter with, you selected one, and it filtered using that measurement.

This error occurs in CP 4.02 and 4.03.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance for any help.

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John Ramunas

We’ve found and traced the error, it was actually in MeasureTexture not FilterObjects; the fix will be included in our next bugfix release.

Hi Beth,

Thank you so much for solving this so fast! Would it be possible to get a pre-release version with this tweak that I could use meanwhile? We have a large number of images to analyze and I would love to be able to use version 4 which is awesome!

You guys rock!

Thank you again.


If you’re comfortable installing from from source, you can check it out now, otherwise we hope to have a patch release out in the next week or so.

Cool! I’ll give it a shot!

Thanks again,

Thank you! Confirming that CellProfiler 4.04 fixed the problem!
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