CellProfiler 4.1.3 startup issues


I got a new desktop PC and installed CP 4.1.3. After launching CP, a terminal window appears and within a second it disappears without launching the program.

I followed similar topics at Windows Installation Troubleshooting · CellProfiler/CellProfiler Wiki · GitHub and CellProfiler Startup error: could not find path to Java environment directory on the forum but still unable to solve the issue.

I looked at the Event Viewer that generates logs for programs and CP does not appear in the log.

I have attached more information about the machineimage

I have also attached screen shot for user variables

Happy to hear your thoughts on what might be going on.


Hi @gjoshi,

Thanks for reporting this, to get an error trace could you try starting CellProfiler from the command prompt? To do that, open cmd and navigate to the CellProfiler installation folder, then run cellprofiler.exe. This should then capture whatever error is being displayed.


Hi @DStirling,

Thanks for the help. Even with cmd prompt it does the same. I have attached recordings of the processes with command prompt and regular start. At least with regular start I was able to get one frame showing the ImportError: DLL load failed while importing _rolling_ball_cy: The specified module could not be found.![commandprompt|690x426]
I have attached that as a snapshot.



Thanks, that is odd. Could you try installing the Visual C++ Redistributable from here? That’s a shortcut to the direct download from Microsoft.

Thanks much.
That took care of the issue. Cell Profiler sprung to life.