CellProfiler 4.0.6 CFU

Hi to everyone

The image is about a bacterial colony (in jpg).
I need to process a 96 wells plate, each image represents one well, the files name has this nomenclature: 20201117 (date)_ID_name of project_P0001(plate)_A1(well).
Is possible to count for each image the number of bacterial and do an export
with the following information: Plate Well Colonies


Plate Well Colonies
1 A1 124
1 A2 70
1 A3 150

I try to programmed the SW but without results.
It is possible with cellprofiler?
Maybe can you advise me another SW?

Thank you for your attention

Hi Ximo,

Thanks for reaching out to us. We have an CellProfiler example pipeline for counting yeast colonies link here. My guess is you can adapt it for you experiment for counting bacterial colonies.

Please let us know if that works for you