CellProfiler 4.0.4 startup error on Windows - unsupported locale setting

When starting CP 4.0.4 on Windows, I get an locale error. Any hint on how to resolve this would be appreciated. Thank you!

Hi @pmergenthaler,

Thanks for reporting this, would you be able to confirm what region/language your system is set to?

I am based in Germany, but the system is set to US-English.

Thanks. If you go to Control Panel --> Region, which format is specified for date and time?

it looks like US format to me

Unfortunately that’s the newer Windows ‘settings’ app which is pretty useless (some settings aren’t available). If you search ‘Control Panel’ in the Start menu you should be able to get the proper panel to open. Once in there select ‘Region’, we’re looking for this screen:

While the display might effectively be the same as EN-US, CellProfiler may be receiving an unusual country code which it doesn’t recognise.

Ah, sorry about that. Should have realized that.
This is the setting you were asking for:

I have now also tried switching to “Match Windows display language” (it did say English (US) before) - still same startup error.

Thanks for doing that, it’s very odd that you’re encountering this problem with everything set to EN-US.

We can certainly get CellProfiler working by installing from source and manually removing cellprofiler\gui\app.py line 64. If you’re up for it it’d be super helpful if you could replace that line with print(locale.LC_ALL, self.locale.GetName()), which will then make your system locale ID appear in the CellProfiler console. That might help us replicate the problem internally.

I will try working on that later this week and report back. Thanks for your help so far.

I’ve the same issue. Running server 2016 and location set to English (United Kingdom)

Same error here too

I haven’t had time to work on this in a while. But I have now installed CP 4.1.3 and this version doesn’t seem to have this problem anymore.