CellProfiler 3D analysis ObjectIntensityDistribution and object processing modules

Hi there,

I used to use CP for 2D analysis, and currently trying to see whether it is possible to do similar analysis using the 3D capabilities. Two questions: will the MeasureObjectIntensityDistribution module be adapted for 3D at some point? It is not compatible with 3D for now apparently. I tried to work around by defining secondary / tertiary 3D objects, but quite a lot of the modules for object processing are not available for 3D either, are there any plans in the future to have those working in 3D as well?



  1. It will be, but I can’t commit to a timeline at this point, there are other major software changes in line ahead of adding that, sorry.
  2. Similarly, this is on the roadmap but a ways down it; you CAN do a seeded Watershed in the Watershed module, though, which takes the place of some of the functionality of IDSecondary.