Cellprofiler 3.1.9 analysis won't start - get's stuck

ZMQError: Permission denied

Java path is correct (CP_JAVA_HOME)
Maybe University local vs domain account permission problems, really annoying

Hi @markus.vaha-koskela,

This does look like a network permissions issue. Did you try running CellProfiler as an administrator?

Works just fine on home Win10 PC, not on the University Win10 laptop. A variety of attempts at installing/reinstalling CP and Java using local administrator login on the University computer have failed, the issue persists. CP on the home computer did raise a Windows Defender prompt for access, whereas the University laptop has not elicited such a prompt…but disabling F-secure firewall (which is not the same as WF, but should replace it) on the University computer did not help…still, the problem/solution is somewhere here, I will continue delving

I’m sorry to hear that. It’s definitely not Java-related. ZMQ is what’s used to communicate with the worker processes which is why the firewall pops up, so it’s most likely going to revolve around network permissions. I’d suggest you get in touch with your local IT department, since something on the machine is blocking the virtual messaging server.