CellProfiler 3.1.8 failure in analysis startup

I have just installed CellProfiler 3.1.8 on my MacBook Pro. I have simply loaded a test pipeline (examplehuman.cppipe) and hit the Analyze Image tab but the error “failure in analysis startup” shows up. Test mode works fine. I have also tried with a couple of my images, same thing. Cannot get Analyze images to work. I’m probably getting some basic stuff wrong…but no clue! Any help is much appreciated!Thanks


Well, that is not a very nice start! Sorry to hear that.

Hm - what Mac OS are you using? (go to the Apple symbol at top left of your laptop’s menu and click “About this Mac”.)

Can you try running the example from the Welcome screen of CellProfiler? It’s under “See a pipeline in action”: “Load an example pipeline” You will need to be connected to the internet.

Thanks for your quick feedback!
I’m running MacOX 10.13.6

yes, I did try the example pipeline form the welcome screen.

Could have anything to do with Java? I was doing some reading on the forum…not sure…!

This is what I get after I hit Analyze Images.



Hopefully someone else can help from here, I don’t think Java is usually the issue anymore, but let’s see what people say.

I’m also facing this problem.
I just find it is the problem of the module of Measureobjectintensity when the module of MesureobjectSizeShape is fine, haven’t test other modules yet. Hopefully the technicians could fix it with Mac OS.

My Mac OS version is 10.14.5