CellProfiler 3.1.8: Can't export pipeline notes

Hi All,

Trying to export a text file of my pipeline from CellProfiler 3.1.8. I want a file that lists all of the steps taken in my pipeline and all of the settings used.

When I export via File>Export>Pipeline notes… , the resulting file only contains the names of the modules I chose and not the detailed settings within that module. I’ve attached a screenshot of the results of exporting pipeline notes.

Anyone have troubleshooting ideas? I’m lost.

Thank you!


Hi there and welcome!
It’s a nomenclature issue: Pipeline Notes are literally the little notes that you can type to yourself in each module settings window, so the option you’ve chosen is not intended to export settings themselves, just those notes.

I thought there was an option to export the pipeline modules and settings as plain text too, as you originally wanted to, but I’m not seeing it! Perhaps someone else can point us to it.

As a workaround, do be aware that if you use File > Export > Pipeline you can open the resulting .cppipe file in a plain text editor (like TextEdit on a Mac). There will be some gibberish in there, too, but the module names and settings are in there.

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