CellProfiler 3.0 doesn't launch if not installed on same drive as user profiles

Hi Again,

So, in light of the issues I mentioned here, I am continuing with CellProfiler 3.0 for now.

However, I have encountered an issue on Windows 7 while refurbing some of the workstations in our facility. We are trying to maintain a clean separation between user data and system files on the drives in our workstations, so all applications are installed on the system drive (let’s call it ‘C’), while a separate drive (D) holds all user profiles.

Under these circumstances (CellProfiler installed on C, user profile on D), CellProfiler does not launch - it would appear that it is searching for something in the user’s AppData folder, which it expects to find on the same drive it is installed on.

As a workaround, I have reinstalled CellProfiler on the D drive, which has resolved the issue, but is not an ideal solution for us.


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This might be related to a known problem with the TEMP path on Windows:

The GitHub issue tracking this is here:

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Yep, looks like it is very likely to be related - I shall await a fix. Thanks for the response @imagejan.