CellProfiler 3.0.0 Worker MemoryError when running full plate

I am running into an issue where a pipeline works fine when run for a small subset of wells, but starts getting a MemoryIssue whenever I run a full plate or even half a plate (384 wells, and only one site per well). I attached my pipeline. It is similar to a coworker’s pipeline, but her’s works perfectly fine on this computer.
Here is the pipeline:
Cell_painting_intro2.cppipe (55.7 KB)


The image size shouldn’t be the issue, since I am using TIF files and none of them exceed 8MB.
I saw a previous forum post suggesting decreasing the number of workers to 2 (this computer has 48 possible) when this happens, and while that seems to work (it’s running right now), it takes far too long.
If you have any suggestion on pipeline fixes and/or preferences or computer fixes I would really appreciate it!