CellProfiler 2.1.2 rev210e224

Not sure if this is the place for posting this issue so admins please move it at will. Oh, and hello to everybody - long time listener, first time caller :smile:

CellProfiler 2.1.2 rev210e224 | MS Windows 8.1 x64 | MS Windows 7 x64
Usage scenario: Double-click to open project file (any), previously saved using same CP version. CP window opens and shows the project. CP runs test and full analysis without problems. Upon saving any project changes (Ctrl-S) the following pipeline error comes up:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “cellprofiler\gui\pipelinecontroller.pyc”, line 701, in __on_save_workspace
File “cellprofiler\gui\pipelinecontroller.pyc”, line 705, in do_save_workspace
File “cellprofiler\workspace.pyc”, line 524, in save
File “h5py_hl\files.pyc”, line 165, in init
File “h5py_hl\files.pyc”, line 63, in make_fid
File “h5f.pyx”, line 89, in h5py.h5f.create (h5py\h5f.c:1858)
IOError: unable to create file (File accessability: Unable to open file)

Result: changes to project are not saved.

  1. Project files reside on a separate drive (same computer).
  2. CP has writing permissions on the drive because I can save project with another name in the same folder.
  3. No “read-only” attributes flag on the project file.
  4. If project file is opened from within CP (File -> Open Project), changes to the project are saved

Any help, greatly appreciated!

Thank you

Nice catch. Both Mark Bray and I agree that we will look forward to succinct and accurate reports from you such as these whenever you should uncover a problem. I’ve replicated the behavior and the issue has been filed here:

github.com/CellProfiler/CellPro … ssues/1326

It’s perfectly fine to post these to the forum - it gives us a chance to attempt to replicate the behavior (which in some cases may have been fixed) before entering an issue, but if you find something like this in the trunk build and give us a detailed report as you did, you’re certainly welcome to enter your own issue which will bring it to our attention a bit sooner.

All done - the fix should be in the next trunk build.

Thank you for the reply and the correction - much appreciated.