CellProfiler 1.0.4666 not working on PPC or Intel Mac



2 problems:

  1. The PPC zip folder does not contain “CellProfiler.command” so there’s nothing I can do to even start the program.

  2. Clicking on CellProfiler.command in the Intel Mac version (running on an Intel Mac Mini) opens X11 and Terminal, but nothing happens because of a “Fatal error loading library /MACI/MCR/v76/bin/maci/labmx.dylib Error: dlopen(/MACI/MCR/v76/bin/maci/libmx.dylib, 9): Library not loaded: libicydata.dylib.32” and then something about “no suitable image found” etc.

Any way to remedy these problems?



Our IT department will be posting a new release that contains the CellProfiler.command file. This will fix 2 bugs: the missing file and loading a previously saved pipeline. Be sure to download 1.0.4684

My apologies,