Cell Volume measurement - CellProfiler Olympus .ori

I’m trying to measure the volume of cells using CellProfiler. I have acquired Z-stack images of the stained cell using Olympus FV3000 confocal microscope. The file extension is .oir. I tried to open these files in CellProflier, but its not opening. I need help in opening the file and measuring the volume of the cell. Someone please help me with this mamoth task.

Hi @ramkn,

You don’t really talk about what you tried or why your .oir isn’t opening but I would recommend you read this tutorial for using CellProfiler for 3D analysis.

The most pertinent part is likely the first bullet point where it is stated that only Tiffs are supported for 3D work in CellProfiler so you’ll need to convert your .oir files first.

Thank you so much for your help.

I want to measure the volume of the cell. The cell membrane is stained with WGA-A488 and nucleus counter stained with DAPI. The volume of WGA will correspond to the volume of the cells. I’ll convert the .oir file into TIFFs as per the tutorial and try again.