Cell Tracking

I have a movie with 158 images of migrating cells. For each image I would like to get shape factors (module MeasureObjectsSizeShape) and how far the cells have travelled (module TrackObjects). My images are fluorescent images of cell cytoplasm. Is there a way to track these cells, without drawing a pretend nucleus for EACH of the cells in EACH of the 158 images? If not, do I really need to draw the pretend nucleus in the same chronological order, for cell number 1 to remain cell number 1 throughout my tracking? I’ve spent days optimizing my pipeline, but now I am stuck.
My pipeline is:
IdentifyObjectsManually (I draw the “nucleus”)
IdentifySecondaryObjects (the cell outline)

I’m grateful for any help I can get!


First of all, I apologize for the long delay in answering this question!

Second, in general, tracking is much easier when you have a well-separated feature like the nucleus to track. If you only have the cytoplasm to track, it becomes just that much harder. This is a comment on general image analysis for tracking; it’s not specific to CellProfiler.

It might be that your fluorescent cytoplasm images have features that can serve as a surrogate nucleus, but I would have to see the images in order to confirm. Would you mind post a couple of representative sequential images so I can take a look?