Cell tracking with MaMuT: editing spot radius

I’m using MaMut for cell tracking.
During annotation I normally adjust the spot radius on each cell, and my question now is: is there any way of automatically changing the radius of a group of spots selected?
I mean, editing the radius of several spots at once as we can do for editing spot names.
Thanks for your help!!


Yes you can.

  • double click in a spot to make it editable.
  • with the mouse inside, use alt-mousehweel to change the radius
  • double click again inside the spot
    Now all the spots you will create will be with this radius.

Thanks @tinevez
But I meant, if I already have several spots with already different radius, is it possible to go to the TrackScheme, select a bunch of them and give a different (new) radius (of your choice) to all of them?

As you can do for editing he name of a buch of spots and give the the same afterwards, that would be: select them in the TrackScheme > press mouse right bottom > Edit spot names

Thanks again

Ah no this is not implemented sorry.
The only way I see is to edit the XML file with regular expression.

Ok @tinevez
I will try with the xml
thanks anyway!! :slight_smile:

If you want me to do it quickly just sa it.

Thanks so much @tinevez
I will try it next week, but maybe will contact you if necessary