Cell tracking Software

I have yeast cells that reproduce by budding. I would like to track each cell in a time lapse movie. I already have a python code that segments the cells. But I want to know which cell is the daughter of which. I need to sort of have family tree for my cells.

Are there any program, cell profiler pipelines, or Python code that do this task? Have you used these programs and got good results?
Are any any algorithm that can achieve this task?

Have you tried TrackMate in FIJI? TrackMate Object Splitting Question

Hi Reza,

In Cellprofiler you can track the objects using the track object module. Please have a look at this example pipeline in webpage,

In your case if you have your segmented object you could load them and use track object module.

Fujifilm Wako Automation (Consultant)

If you have labeled masks, where each segmented cell has a unique global label, then Lineage Mapper can perform tracking in a semi-automated manner.

It works automatically, you need to correctly set the parameters.


Lineage Mapper has a Fiji update site, and is written in Java.

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