Cell Proportions based on fluorescent


My goal for downloading this software was to quantify the proportions of cells in a culture. More specifically, I stained them with green and red, and I want to know the ratio of green to red cells in the image. I saw online that there was a Tissue Neighbors download, and I did this but the output is not exactly what I needed. Is there any way to use an image that looks just like the sample image for the Tissue Neighbor, send it into the program, and have it count how many cells are red and how many are green? Also is this tool able to handle movies?

Thanks in advance.
Ouiam Koubaa

Based on your description, it should be able to. The pipeline would be much the same as the ExampleNeighbors one, except that you would also extract the green image in ColorToGray and then add another IdentifyPrimaryObjects module to detect the objects in the green image.

Yes, it can. You will need to adjust some additional settings in the Input modules. You can take a look at Help > Creating A Project > Load Image Stacks and Movies for more details.


Thanks for your response Mark!

Now that I have the first part down, I am working on analyzing cells that are splitting in a sequence of images. I downloaded the ExampleTrackObjects and I looked under the help (loading image stacks and movies) but the Images input module will not allow me to drop an entire folder, as it only allows an image. Is there a way around this with the filtering?

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The File list panel in the Images module should allow for a folder of images to be dragged onto it. What happens if you try to drag/drop a folder into the File list panel? Do you get an error?