Cell profiler TranslocationActivity tutorial

Quick question, I’m doing the cell profiler/cell profiler analyst tutorial found here: http://d1zymp9ayga15t.cloudfront.net/TranslocationActivity/TranslocationTutorial_v2.pdf and I’ve reach an issue. At the ‘calculatemath’ section it asks me to select intensity for each object being measured. This doesn’t appear to be an option in CP 3.1.8. Any ideas? Is there an equivalent in 3.1.8?
Image of section:

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Forgive me for not downloading the current version and playing with it to see if I can replicate the problem. But can you check whether there is a MeasureObjectIntensity module in the pipeline upstream of CalculateMath? And that it is set to measure for the objects that you choose within CalculateMath?

If so, then do you mind letting us know which exact step is missing? That is, I assume you can choose Divide, but then is Object not present? Or are you able to choose Object but then Intensity does not appear?


That was the problem, thanks.

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