Cell Profiler not findable after successful installation

Dear community,

I would absolutely like to use Cell Profler for my image analyses. I downloaded the latest version and installed it as recommended. The installation is succesful but after finishing it there are absolutely no programme data on my hard disc drive, no shortcut, nothing. I did this now for like 20 times - with admin rights and without, to different drives, after updating JDK etc. I am using windows 10 64 bit…Has anybody another idea how to fix this problem?

Thank you for thinking :slight_smile:

After few days of irritation about this problem I just came after the problem and of course directly after asking for help :slight_smile: However, I let the question placed because others might profit.

Answer: The Cell Profiler was completely blocked by comodo firewall (without any notification) and installed to a virtual desktop.

Hi @JJM,

Thanks for the update, could I ask if it was CellProfiler specifically that was forced onto a virtual desktop, or if your system does this with applications by default?


It was the first time that I experienced this phenomenon and have been using comodo for years. I would therefore expect this to be quite specific…

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