Cell Profiler Crash

I have just downloaded the most recent version of Cell profiler for Mac.
After a couple of times I was trying to run some pipeline, the software crashed and now every things I try to do just open this dialog error window.
I dis install and install again but nothing changed.
Do you have any suggestion?
What should I do?

Hi Annarita,

Try removing the CellProfiler config files. They may have been corrupted somehow:
Delete the file ~/Library/Preferences/CellProfilerLocal.cfg and then restart CellProfiler.
NOTE the tilde (i.e. ‘~’) is important here, representing your home directory.

If that doesn’t work, try this:
(1) Uninstall CP (all versions!)
(2) Delete the file ~/Library/Preferences/CellProfilerLocal.cfg
(3) Empty your Mac Trash
(4) Re-install CP and try it out.

Let us know if it helps.

Has any solution been found to this problem? I had the same issue and now CellProfiler won’t open. I tried following the posted instructions but there is no CellProfilerLocal.cfg file in that folder. I already uninstalled, cleared trash, and reinstalled everything and it still won’t open. Any suggestions?

Hi @andresm,

Can you send us a CrashLog from the Console app?
Look for CellProfiler* in either of the sections called User Diagnostic Reports or System Diagnostic Reports.

Has CellProfiler ever run on this computer?