Cell Profiler analyst setup

Hi Guys.
I’ve been scouring the threads for setting up CPA with MySQL for beginners (and less tech savy who use binary installers) and it has taken me a couple of weeks to find the answers to the problems I’ve been having to get up and running. I just thought it might be helpful to future users for some clearer instructions about setting up the properties file on the CPA documentation.
For example:
MySQL can be downloaded as an installer, and server set to run locally using default login settings which will enable integration with CPA once a database is created using Workbench or MySQL command line input. Obviously this is a limited way of using MySQL, but saved a week of back and forth with our IT department.

  • The default Per_Image and Per_Object table names in the properties file must be changed to lowercase in order for MySQL to find them
  • plate map feature in CPA does not work if ‘exporttospreadsheet’ is also used with exporttodatabase

Hope this helps someone!

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