Cell Profiler Analyst fetching gray images

I am fairly new to Cell Profiler as well as Cell Profiler Analyst. I have used Cell Profiler (LoadImage, ColorToGray, IdentifyPrimaryObjects, ExportToExcel, ExportToSpreadSheet) to create DefaultDB.properties, DefaultOUT.mat, DefaultDB.db, DefaulOUT_Image.csv, and DefaulOUT_Nuclei.csv. When I used .properties file in the CP Analyst’s Classifier, I was fetching gray unclassified images.

Is it possible to fetch sample unclassified images from original multi-channel image, and use xy coordinates for objects from gray image?

Thank you in advance,
test.zip (471 KB)

Hi Olexandra,

When you try to fetch images (and fail), could you copy/paste the text that appears in the black area under the buttons in the CPA main interface? I’d like to see what sort of error message it’s reporting…