Cell profiler Analyst, Can't find java virtual machine

I’m getting the ‘can’t find java virtual machine error’ when trying to run cell profiler analyst. I know you have to set the path in environment variables but I don’t know where or to what. Any help would be appreciated. Here’s the error from the log.

javabridge.jutil.JVMNotFoundError: Can’t find the Java Virtual Machine
No handlers could be found for logger “javabridge.locate”
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “CellProfiler-Analyst.py”, line 19, in
File “javabridge_init_.pyc”, line 28, in
Copyright © 2009-2013 Broad Institute
File “javabridge\jutil.pyc”, line 137, in
the script has run, the values of these
File “javabridge\jutil.pyc”, line 125, in _find_jvm

Okay I have the solution
Use command line as admin to set the path for JDK 1.8
setx -m JAVA_HOME “path to java install”
Make sure your Cell Profiler Analyst installation location has full control set in the security tab

Hey mdl54,

Will you please elaborate in simple terms? I am having exactly the same problem. I am a beginner and starting to learn the software.


Hi Shubhamk,
First, you need find where the jdk is installed. Then you need to take the install path and put it in this command prompt command:
setx -m JAVA_HOME “path to java install”
Make sure to run the command prompt as administrator. Also, make sure to set the security for the cellprofiler analyst to allow for full admin control.

hey, I am using windows 10. I realized that I hadn’t downloaded JDK 8 and JAVA. So I did.
But the CP is still not launching. Windows already sets the thing you are suggesting (my friend who uses LINUX told me). Can you suggest something else?

Is cellprofiler analyst installed on the main drive, I know that this program has a problem if it is not. I would check to make sure the path is correctly set, I don’t think windows 10 did it correct when i installed java.

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Hey thank you!
It worked.
The path was not set. Some youtube videos helped to set it.

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