Cell Profiler Analyst 3.0.1 can't open

I have downloaded and installed Cell Profiler Analyst (CPA) 3.0.1 on my iMac (O.S big sur 11.3.1). Whenever I

try to open CPA, it’s unexpectedly closing. Please find the attached screenshot regarding the issue and a word document for full details on the issue.

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Hi @pratap_seshachalam,

Thanks for your message! We are aware of this and are actively working on compatibility with Big Sur. Sorry for the inconvenience but we do hope to have a solution soon!

More info here:

and here: Running on an M1 Mac · Issue #297 · CellProfiler/CellProfiler-Analyst · GitHub

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Dear Pearl-ryder,

Thanks for the update.

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This should now be fixed with version 3.0.2, please let us know if you still encounter issues!