Cell profiler 31.9

I had created a pipeline to look at H2AX foci on nucleus for my colleague. It works for me, but not for my colleague. He is getting an error message as seen in the screenshotsScreen Shot 2020-04-14 at 5.23.52 PM

. Can anyone please help?

For the latter screenshot:


This indicates that the output location is not writeable. This could be a permission issue, or may be related to some other issue regarding the output file location (not a correct path, maybe missing a drive letter etc).

Hi @meenae

The first issue is probably happening in NamesandTypes module, where for assigning a name the user can’t use numbers only and the names should start with letter or “_”. Please check that, or feel free to upload your pipeline.

You could also check the module after that, Groups, to make sure it’s done correctly.

For the second error, as Volker mentioned it could be due to the file location permission issue. Also, try to change the filename prefix (to not start with number).

Thank you for your response.

Thank you for the response. I will test this out with my coworker and get back to you.