Cell object feature definitions in Qupath

Dear All:
In Qupath, after segmentation, bunch of cell object features can be extracted for further purposes- for
example: cell circularity/cell eccentricity, etc. Do we have a documentation to describe those features- feature definitions? Please let me know your suggestions. Thank you in advance.


Hi @john2021, the shape statistics in QuPath’s default cell detection command use ImageJ (they are implemented here). Therefore the ImageJ documentation here is relevant. For example, circularity is defined as 4π*area/perimeter^2.

(Note that QuPath doesn’t necessarily use ImageJ for measurements, and most commands that were written more recently make measurements differently – including StarDist cell detection – so the comment above only really applies for the default cell detection).

Thank you Pete. Yes, I am talking about features after the current cell detection, thank you so much to help me find the imageJ descriptions and the code section.