Cell neighbours identification for cell intercalation measurements

I’m interested in measuring cell intercalation and detect exactly between which and which cell this happens. I thus would need not only to know how many neighbors a cell has over time but for each cell I would like to know which are its neighbors.

A similar question was also asked previously (see Identity of Neighbours) for Cell Profiler v1.

I’m using Cell Profiler v2 and cannot find the matlab “handles.Measurements.Neighbors.IdentityOfNeighborsCells” table
(even if I’m running the MeasureObjectNeighbours function for instyance).

Is there a way to get that information out?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Yes you can get this information. CellProfiler is not written in Matlab anymore (for 6 years!), but now we export an Object Relationship table with ExportToSpreadsheet with this potential one-to-many relationships. Take a look there and see if that helps.