Cell membrane/cytoplasm staining recommendations?

Dear all,

I’m interested in doing multi-color imaging on cancer cells and stem cells and perform analysis on single cells. Currently I’m looking for cell member and cytoplasm staining markers, I wonder if anyone can recommend good cell member or cytoplasm staining dyes for image segmentation? I tried to look for some info from the cell profiler examples but could not find the info yet. Another question is that: is there a optimized pipeline that I can use to perform segmentation on single cells based on images from those cytomplasm or cell membrane marker?



Hi Er,

I assume that you are performing fluorescence imaging (as opposed to immunohistology for instance)?

If so, you can check out this site for some recommendations. Off-hand, phalloidin is a cytoskeletal stain (as opposed to cytoplasmic) but is still commonly used for this cell staining purposes to assist with segmentation.