Cell Magic Wand repository?

I am trying to install the Cell Magic Wand plug-in but the link is dead


I also found a github repository

which also directs me to the above link for the documentation. I try installing it by moving the .jar fiel to the plug-ins folder but the plug in does not appear anywhere. Does anyone know where I can download the plug-in and find the documentation. Or does anyone know of an alternative to trace cells?

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Hi Author!!

Thank you for getting in touch. Unfortunately I am still having trouble with the plugin. Placing the jar file from the github repo does not seem to work, nothing happens, the plugin does not show in the menu.

I tried downloading the older version of the plugin which I got from the archive.org link. This jar file is substantially smaller in size. Placing this version in the plugins/Tools does result in the plugin showing up in the Menu, but when I try to launch it gives an error "Plugin or class not found: “Cell_Magic_Wand_Tool” any Ideas?

I am trying on a Mac (10.15.6) with Fiji

Reinstalling JRE seems to have solved the issue. Thank you for your help!!

I’ve updated the docs, fixed the .jar, and hosted it all on a personal GitHub:

That’s the best place to get this plugin now.


Thanks a lot, @twalker, for supporting and maintaining this plugin!

Would you mind adding a LICENSE file to your repository? That would make it easier for others in the community to contribute improvements etc.

Also, a note regarding the .jar file in the repository: instead of committing it via git, you can add the binary file as an attachment to a release tag on GitHub. That way, you avoid that the size of the repository on disk (i.e. the hidden .git/ folder) blows up with each new version of the jar file.

Thanks for the reminder to add a license! That’s done.

I’ll do the release part next time there’s an update that touches the .jar.

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