Cell ids in movies


I’m having trouble figuring out when does CP decide to display in the output avi movie the cell ids used for tracking.
Where can I change it (that is, including modules code) such that CP will use smaller fonts (as we have cells with a diameter of about 20 pixels) and display the ids in the movie?


Hi Barak,

If you have access to the developer’s version, you can change the code that specifies how the tracking output is displayed.

At line 470 in the TrackObjects module:

text(CurrentLocations(:,1) , CurrentLocations(:,2) , text_string,... 'HorizontalAlignment','center', 'color', .6 .6 .6],'fontsize',10,...
The ‘fontsize’ setting of 10 could be replaced with handles.Preferences.FontSize, which is set from the Preferences dialog in CellProfiler.

At line 488 in TrackObjects:

CPimcapture is a function in CPsubfunction which renders the figure window. The third argument specfifies the dots per inch (dpi) and can be increased to your liking.