Cell Counting resolution

Hi, I’m fairly new to this but I am trying to find a programme that will quantify the degree of differentiation within an image from fluorescence microscopy. I have taken an image of the nuclei and another of the myosin in mouse fibroblasts. I tried to use CellC but it was telling me I basically had 100% differentiation in every image which I know is not the case. I have now tried to use CellProfiler but apparently my images aren’t the correct resolution, how do I get around this? Or if anyone has any tips for using CellC as well that would be great thanks

We will definitely need a bit more info. How do you know if a cell is differentiated, is it that it has a certain level of staining for a certain marker?

Regarding your images not being “the correct resolution” can you provide the .cpproj file and an example image?