Cell Counter 'Measure" Results Not Exporting

The cell counter plugin’s measurement function appears to have a bug. Prior to yesterday, the “measure” function created a table of values, which could be successfully saved to my computer as a .csv or .txt file (which could be opened via excel or numbers once saved). There seems to be a bug in the save function, as the .csv or .txt files are not being saved with any data (creates empty files despite successfully making a table of data within fiji). Help would be appreciated, thanks!

Hi willm,

I can confirm that data tables save correctly in IJ version 1.52n but not in 1.52o or 1.52p, at least on my Windows 10 PC. Upgrading to the IJ daily build did not fix the issue, so I can see two ways to correct this: 1) a workaround where you copy / paste the data from the Results table into a manually created Excel file and save via Excel. Basically Ctrl + A to select all, Ctrl + C to copy, click on a blank Excel file and Ctrl + V to paste.

  1. use Update ImageJ (in Fiji) or just plain Update (if you’re in plain ImageJ) to back up to IJ v. 1.52o or earlier. I was able to back up to 1.51w. I tested and the bug is not present in 1.51w, Results tables save normally from Cell Counter in this version. You may not want to do this if you do a lot of other processing tasks, as some of those tasks may be broken by the reversion.