Cell Count - Membrane Stain Alone

Dear Expert,

I am a new user, could you please help me with a pipeline to count these (see as attached) membrane stained cells. There are about 8 cells in the attached image.

Thank you,

Hi Audrey,
Assuming that the cells of interest are the dark, semi-circular ones, I’ve put together a pipeline which seems to detect them.
Hope this helps!
2014_11_03.cppipe (9.18 KB)

Hi Mark,
Great thanks, the basic pipeline was exactly what I needed.
An additional question came out while I further developed the pipeline, as the size of the image attached previously was only about 1% of the regular size of my images, is there a module that I can use to separate a giant image (2-4 GB each) by gridding it as tiles, and then analyze each tile independently or separately? I have tried the pipeline of the “Yeast patch identification” from the “Specialized Pipelines” but it did not work simply because it does not allow individual tile analysis.
Thank you ahead!