CARE isotropic reconstruction training data/model weights

Hi @uschmidt83 @mweigert @fjug @haesleinhuepf ,

Thanks for providing the example notebooks for doing model training and prediction for various CARE models. So far I have been using my own training data, but are the model weights used in the paper not available yet or are they already available for download because I could not find the model weights for isotropic reconstruction of drosophila nuclei.

In case the model weights are not available is the data used for training the models used in the paper hosted somewhere?

Many thanks in advance for providing the links to training data/models.

Hi, since you asked the same question on Twitter and got an answer, I’m crossposting this here for other people to find.

@kapoorlab, I would ask you to please only ask questions in one place to reduce the support burden on us, or at least wait a while before asking somewhere else (in case you didn’t get a reply).


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