Can't use 3D viewer


I recently got a set of 2D slice images (bmp) and a set of 2D projection images (tif) from a Micro-CT scan of an object.

I tried using ImageJ to reconstruct a 3D image of it.

File > Import > Image Sequence. And select the first file (_00000000.tif)

It gives a 2D image of the object.

I go Plugins > 3D > 3D Viewer.

But it says Java 3D has not been installed. I selected the Auto-install option given in the message dialogue.

But then, it says it can’t open the executable jar file for writing as I might not have enough permission.

How do I fix this problem?


Some basic informations are needed to analyze your problem (OS, ImageJ version).

E.g. open Plugins->Utilities->ImageJ Properties for some basic information.

However if you are using Windows or Linux this indicates that you don’t have writing permissions for the installation directory of the Java Runtime in which the 3d libraries (jre/lib/ext/) are downloaded (auto install).

Try to run ImageJ as administrator and install the 3d libs (you can also download and copy the libs manually).


Right-click on *.exe and then run as administrator.

If you are working on Linux, see this link (first answer):

You can also install ImageJ with a bundled JRE in a folder where you have writing permissions, please read:

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