Can't upload modified jar

On this Ubuntu machine I can no longer upload jar files which I’ve fixed. My only choice is to transfer the files to my laptop, and there I can upload.
This morning, yet again, I deleted the along with a hidden .ImageJ folder (just in case there might be some trap there).
I downloaded a fresh copy of Fiji and extracted it to my home directory. Then I check the use of my PET-CT site and downloaded all the files therein. I did an Update, and to no one’s surprise, it told me all was up to date.
Then I put my changed jar file into, started Fiji again and again pressed Update. It sees my locally modified file, but does not automatically switch to the advanced mode. When I manually switch to the advanced mode, my locally modified file has 3 options: Keep as-is, Install/update, and Uninstall - no upload to Pet-Ct can be seen anywhere.
Fiji is using java 1.8.0_172 which comes with the installation package. (The laptop is also using the Fiji java, but an older version.) Another thing different is that on this computer I cannot pin the Fiji icon to the launcher bar, where the laptop has no problem.
I could try to update the laptop with the latest Fiji (i.e. java 1.8.0_172), but then I might find that no computer can upload.

Is there any rhyme or reason to what I am seeing? (Both computers are Ubuntu 18.04.) This is really annoying to have to transfer everything to my laptop in order to make any upload of modified software.

Thanks for any ideas,

Did you double-check that Host and Directory on host are configured correctly in the third and fourth column of the Manage update sites dialog? Without those, your Fiji installation will only be able to consume updates, but not upload them…

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Thanks so much Jan. One of the many details I managed to forget, and there is no chance for the human eye to pick up such an error.
I looked on my laptop and I use the webdav protocol so I don’t need the Directory on Host, but I definitely need the Host.

I thought there might be a connection between not being able to pin Fiji to the launcher bar and not being able to upload, but there is no connection. Still not sure why I can’t make Fiji into a favorite, but that is much less troublesome. The main thing is I no longer need to go through my laptop.
Thanks again for the crucial tip.

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