Can't tell if refine_lables is working or not?

I use refine_labels, and use the GUI to move some points around and make corrections - go thru 20 frames or so, get them all corrected. Then I click Save. Then I Quit. It seems everything has gone well - no problems. But If (to check) I go back to the same set of images and start over again – I see that it seems that nothing was saved – I have to re-do all the changes. Or… maybe I don’t understand where and how DLC is saving things. Maybe my changes are saved elsewhere? Is it normal that if I go back to check my work, it appears that all the corrections were lost? Maybe I have to do the “merge” command first and then I’d see my corrections? (I’m using CPU only and training takes a week, so… I’d really like to know that I’ve done the “refine” stage properly before waiting a week to see). Thanks!

You changes are saved elsewhere, as if you re-open them, you are opening the machine-applied labels. They are saved in a new .h5 file, and you can open them with the labeling GUI if you want (i.e. since they are now human-labeled/refined).