Can't start CellProfiler 2.2.0 and 2.3.0 - Failed to start Java VM

Hello, we are not able to run CellProfiler 2.2.0 (I also tried 2.3.0) on Windows 10 64bit. When I try to launch it from menu it looks like nothing happens. I also tried to run in it from command line to see some error messages…

At first, I tried to run it with JRE 8 update 121, then I uninstalled it and tried JDK of the same version, but it’ still the same. I also installed Python 2.7.13 (also the 64bit version) and it didn’t help. Any idea what should I try to do next? Thanks in advance for any help or tip…


Please have a look at this topic Installation Problems windows 7 (Java)
Hopefully you may find some clues.

My other guess is that when you install JDK, you may have to experiment both 32 & 64-bit versions to see which works best for you.

Good luck.

Did you install from source or with a compiled executable? If the latter, what happens when you try to start it from the menu rather than starting it from the command line?

Thanks for the link - I think that I already read this topic - so I tried different versions of Java and finally the 64bit JDK. I don’t think that 32bit Java could help, but in the beginning, it was 32bit JRE and it also didn’t work…

Thank you for your reply. It’s the compiled version. Of course at first we were trying to run it with the link from the menu. But it didn’t work and for just a quick moment there was some black window with some error but it was not possible to read it because it was there for just a fraction of second. That was the reason why I started trying to run it on command line (cmd, then going to C:\Program Files\CellProfiler and there running CellProfiler.exe).

Thanks, that helps; if you installed the compiled version that [should] eliminate the possibility a package got missed in the install. Can you try clearing the JAVA_HOME variable to see if that helps?

Hi Marek

I also had a similar issue. I just uninstalled Java and reinstalled the version needed and now CP works great once again!
Hope this helps!