Can't set Manual bit depth for more than one image

When I add more than one image in NamesAndTypes, it does not allow me to set the bit depth manually. There is no corresponding text box, and I can not add more images anymore.

This (and your previous 2 issues) do all seem like genuine bugs; you may wish to check to see if they’re known or report them here . Thanks for finding them!

Thanks bcimini, I didn’t realize there is the separate github issue list. In the future I’ll report there, should I like the issues to here as well, or is it not required?

For now I’d say just submit them to GitHub; coming up with a more permanent and streamlined strategy for how we want people to handle bugs is on our short-term to do list and if there are any changes in the offing we’ll be sure to make an announcement :slight_smile: . Thanks for bringing these to our attention!

Its my pleasure! Thanks for being so responsive! PS: for one of the issues I could also post a workaround on github :slight_smile: