Can't seem to get UNet (or any "engine"-requiring plugin) to work

Hey there,
I’m a PhD student in biomedical science. Since I need to count a certain type of intestinal cell (labeled by a fluorophore-conjugated antibody) in many intestinal sections, I am looking for a way to automize it. I wish to try and use the UNet plugin within ImJoy for that purpose, but all of my attempts to get this plugin to work at all (in ImJoy) failed so far.
First, some background: I’m running the plugin engine via the Anaconda terminal, because whenever I tried to run it via the ImJoy Desktop App it didn’t work (exited with “code 1)”).
I’ve tried all 4 options for the “tag” (“CPU”, “GPU”, “Windows-CPU”, “Windows-GPU”) - none worked. I am using Windows 10 and have an Intel® UHD Graphics 620 graphics card.

I’ve been getting several different error notifications (e.g. “exist code 15”, “file not found” etc.) - I’m attaching them as files.

I’d be very thankful for any help :slight_smile:

OmerUnet_Segmentation_nqbpazglx2 - using ‘‘CPU’’.txt (837 Bytes) Unet_Segmentation_y4lvzaige7 - using ‘‘GPU’’.txt (2.0 KB) Unet_Segmentation_8o0u0tngl4 - using ‘‘Windows-CPU’’.txt (1.2 KB) Unet_Segmentation_hb0lqdgf5p - using ‘‘Windows-GPU’’.txt (2.0 KB)


I believe @oeway is the best person to help you…

Hi @omers I am sorry that I was busy with other stuff and missed this post.

Thanks for the detailed report, I just had a look and I can reproduce the error you reported. It appears that one of the pretrained model file is not available anymore on Dropbox, I have now removed it, and it works now, please test it with the “Windows-CPU” tag. (The GPU tag or “Windows-GPU” tag won’t work since Tensorflow won’t work with your Intel GPU)

Please also notice that the current Unet Segmentation plugin is rather preliminary and you will need to prepare your data according to the example dataset here.

In case that doesn’t fit your data, I can help with a customized version that can fit your data. In that case, I would need more details about what you want to do and ideally with some example images.

BTW @etadobson can I subscribe the ImJoy tag in the forum so I will get notified when someone posted with the tag?

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If you go to your Profile and then Preferences > Notifications > Tags you can get notifications for particular tags… so you can add #imjoy there.

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Great, Thanks! @etadobson

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