Can't see all menu items on small screen



When I run Fiji on a small screen (such as 1366x768), I can’t see all
of the entries in some of the menus. For example, the sub-menu for
Image>Lookup Tables doesn’t fit on the screen from top to bottom:
I see Invert LUT at the top, and mpl-magma at the bottom.

Is there any way I can visually scroll through the too-tall menu, or
otherwise display all of the menu items?

Thanks, mm.


Dear @mountain_man,

which OS are you running?



Hi Stefan -

Yes, I obviously should have mentioned the system I’m using.
(Sorry about the omission.)

I am running on 64-bit Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on a Thinkpad x220.
I do not believe that this Ubuntu install is using any kind of a
non-standard windows manager or desktop (but I don’t know
for certain because I didn’t set this machine up myself).

In general (other applications? other systems?), when a pop-up
menu is too tall for the screen, little scroll arrows appear at the top
and/or bottom of the menu, and you can scroll to bring off-screen
items onto the screen. In my case, the top of the pop-up menu
is at the top of the screen, and the menu just runs off the bottom
of the screen (as an ordinary window would if I dragged it down
so that its lower half were below the bottom edge of the screen).

I am running a stock fiji install (ImageJ 1.51s) that I downloaded
a few weeks ago, and that has auto-updated itself a few times
since then.

Thanks for any advice, mm.


@ctrueden has commented on a similar post to the mailing list: It seems that there is no “real” solution at the moment, other than using the Command Finder (Ctrl + L).


Hi Stefan -

Thanks for clearing this up.

Okay, it looks like an annoying java limitation for the time being …

I’ll mark this solved, since the mailing-list post you cite answers
my question.

Thanks, mm.